Mission Antartica

Belgian mission was conducted in part by Prof. Vandenboer the father of Mr A. from 1966 until 1967. This location is now closed!

The owner had the friendliness kindness to open the place one last time! The vehicles were damaged and logo's Antarctica were stolen. A jigsaw sir, yes! This incident occurred on the night of Christmas. Shocked he decided to file a complaint against X and any intruision will be followed by a denunciation to the police. Mr. A. takes the place under surveillance and neighbors do not hesitate to inform the police of any suspicious visit. Urbex or not.

He is sad and very angry to what has happened to these items that were the pride of the Belgian Science.The snowcats will probably be taken over by the historical museum.

An announcement was posted on a site selling by auction to sensibilier and especially to find these thieves. Thank you very much to those who violated that place so savagely! I really hope that justice can get their hands on these thieves.

Explored Dec, 2013

Image published with the courtesy of Mr. A that I am very grateful for this visit.