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Winter Circus

This former winter circus and hippodrome was founded in 1894 by order of the Cercle Equestre in Belgium. In 1920 it was destroyed by fire, only the facade was preserved. Winter Circus was not only used as a circus, but also for revues, variety shows and film screenings. After the last circus (1944), the Nouveau Cirque finally closed its doors. From 1947, the area was used as an antique car collector garage and was the most beautiful car of the town. Since the closure in 1978 of the garage, there have been several ambitious projects, but there he stands, empty ..., so beautiful and asking to be photographed. Finally restoration begins in 2014.

Theatre Jeusette

Ce théatre abandonnée depuis nombreuses années à été incendié et vandalisé, mais malgré tout il subsite toujours. Ce lieu à été utilisé récemment par le chanteur Belge "Stromae" pour l'enregistrement de son dernier clip "Quand c'est". Un clip glaciale pour un thème fort, avec un fabuleux graphisme et une scénique digne du grand Stromae.

This theater abandoned for many years was burned, but he always subsite anyway.

In 2017 he receive finally a new destination.

This place has been recently used by Belgian singer "Stromae" for recording his latest video "Quand c'est". An icy clip that talks about a strong theme, with wonderful graphics and a stage worthy of the great Stromae.