Industrial HQ building • France • 2017

Industrial HQ building • France • 2017

Helena Toscano

After a short essay in cinematography at INRACI, Brussels, and graduated in photography at the Agnes Varda Photography School. This discipline has become a real passion over the years. My favorite subject is a forgotten but not hidden world. A world where the essence of our humanity is narrated in silence. Since a while I try to embrace the silence and capture the tenderness of deterioration. I wander in search of faces and places, beauty and decay, anticipated and unexpected scenes.

My photography approach speaks about the themes of abandonment, emptiness and timeless.


De Randkrant, Belgium, 2016
Vilvordeanno, Belgium, 2016
Het Vilvoorde Kwartier, Belgium, 2015
Blind Owl Underground’s Urbex,Usa, 2013


WEEKEND BLOG AWARD : 3th category Photography, Brussels, 2013
8BEAUFORT : Lauréat Photo Contest, Brusssels, 2010


SOFAM member since 2011 •Artistcard - Commissie Kunstenaars Belgium